It's our birthday! This calls for a celebration. We've experienced 25 years on the Organic Highway so far and we would like to take you on a brand-new journey. A trip through the world of organic fertilizers, teaching you the why, when, what and how with Biobizz®. Why are organic fertilizers a treat for your crops? When do you start growing and what are the best combinations? We want to give you the best thing that you can give your garden: the right combination of knowledge and tools. We want to teach you this in a place, where plants feel like home. Even better! We will bring Biobizz®’s knowledge to your doorstep! So, we've have been thinking: “How can we share our knowledge in a way you will never forget?”. We thought what better way than on a Greenhouse on Wheels’.


We are conscious about the carbon footprint that the Greenhouse On Wheels leaves behind. In every country visited by GOW, we will give back through a local green project. For every kilometer driven, 50 cents will be raised to support a local activity, where the GOW is located. For example, if we drive 3000 kilometers in Spain, 1500 euros will be donated to a sustainable project in this country. A green project can be community garden, recycling project or activities with a positive impact on the environment. Any project, small or big, can benefit from this donation. Enrol now and become the next green project!



This fresh Frenchie directly went full throttle. He loves music and magic plants. He has a great personality and goes nowhere without his gained golden gnome.


Father of Leelo who he adores, vegetarian, piercing man, traveller and crazy about extreme sports and music. He lives between two homes and would always like to have the last word. Biobizzer in heart & soul.


He is the youngest in the Noble family. Loves making and eating ‘calçots’ and good jokes. Agricultural engineer with the learning ability of Kung-fu kid.


Also our industrial engineer, is now studying to finish his agricultural engineering degree focussed on non profit projects in third world countries. He is all about Biobizz® and its green philosophy.


Always full of good ideas, he is a good listener but he is talkative. He would even talk under the water. XL-heart, father of two beautiful girls. With 1000 TB of internal memory he can remember what he ate 20 years ago.


80% Basque + 20% Argentinian without the accent. "Famous" drummer. He is a wonderful (meat) chef but he would like to keep that a secret. His agenda is busier than the Queen of England 's agenda but he manages to make it work and gives all his love and attention to his wife, dog and friends.


From Spanish origins, he is a 3D-design & -printing lover. Industrial engineer from our partner, Noble, he works on all innovative projects related to the Biobizz group. He has been responsible for the development of new facilities and is always looking for product innovations.


GOW is hitting the road! Do you want to know where and when will be our next stop? When are we going to visit you? Or maybe you want to participate by hosting a GOW-visit? Check out our agenda to find out our current location, the next GOW stops and upcoming activities.


Biobizz® would like to thank Smart Pot and Les Refardes for their collaborations in our Organic journey.


Smart Pot is an original, award winning, fabric container since 1984. The company offers a wide range of products from smart pots to an innovative bed watering system. Chosen by professional growers for over 20 years, these products are reusable and durable. Smart Pot will ensure a fuller, healthier plant growth. Discover their products by clicking here.


Les Refardes is an association of 18 seed farms. The team is responsible for cleaning, selecting seeds, control germination and their sales. Seeking to promote the exchange, growth and use of local varieties of farmers’ seeds, their goal is to spread agronomic and cultural biodiversity to its fullest extent. Les Refardes carefully selects seeds to assure their viability and quality for every season. Discover their products by clicking here.